Jonathan Stults

New York, NY


Software Engineer 2016 -

Cloud Security.


Software Engineer 2014 - 2016

Industrial automation, metrology, code generation, and devops. I worked on structural components of Plethora's CAM software (Python/Cython/C); on its factory-facing applications, including machine monitoring, data transfer, and asset management (Python/esoteric stuff); on automated QC process, programming touch-trigger probes (Python code generation of gcode and DMIS); on the gcode interpreter backing Plethora's cutting simulation software (Flex/Bison/C/Cython/Python); and I also created Plethora's Debian/systemd-based continuous packaging and deployment system.


Software Developer 2013 - 2014

Startup MVPs. I worked on integrating Google Maps queries for Friendography (Ruby/Rails 4); on encrypted, peer-to-peer audido communications for Velum (C); and on semantaic analysis and UI/UX for Shadow (iOS/Objective C). I also travelled around Europe a lot...

Department of Defense

Applied R&D, 2009 - 2013


Special Projects at Citi Foundation 2008 - 2009

Beijing (Associated Colleges in China)

2008 - 2009

Hamilton College

2008 - 2009